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Ruben Verborgh

My PhD on semantic hypermedia

By combining semantics and hypermedia, we can create smarter clients.

More than three years of research and several hundred pages of text later, I’m finally ready to defend my PhD. Why did I start this whole endeavor again? Well, I wasand still am—fascinated by the possibilities the Web has to offer, and working as a PhD student gives you the opportunity and the freedom to dive into the things you love. I wanted to make the Web more accessible for machines, so they can perform tasks in a more autonomous way. This brought me to the crossroads of Semantic Web and REST APIs: semantic hypermedia.

It has been a long journey, but an interesting one. And what surprised me most is how so much of this journey has been about people. You’d expect that a PhD in computer science engineering mostly involves computer screens and lonely nights of mathematics, but I’ve learned that the opposite is true. I’ve been able to travel a lot and to meet many nice people.

Thanks to everybody who helped me realize this, which includes my supervisors and PhD jury, colleagues, family, friends, and people whom I’ve met all over the world.
Your support has brought me where I am today!

I’m very happy and proud to present you what I’ve been working on. Starting today, you can read Serendipitous Web Applications through Semantic Hypermedia online.

The result I’ve been looking forward to for so long: my PhD book.

Ruben Verborgh

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