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Ruben Verborgh


Teaching has always been a passion of mine: I believe you only truly understand something complex if you are able to explain it in simple terms. At Ghent University, I am or have been involved in several courses, including the ones below.

Web Development

Ghent University: 2015–present (lectures and exercises), 2013–2015 (exercises)

I‘m teaching the Web Fundamentals module of the Web Development (C003779) course to students in the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This course discusses the architecture and technologies of the World Wide Web.
For this course, I developed a series of open-source webslides.

In addition, I also supervise the course’s practical exercises.

Guest lectures

In addition to teaching at Ghent University, I occasionally visit other institutions.
If you are interested in a guest lecture at your institution, please contact me.