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Ruben Verborgh

Ruben Verborgh – Professor of Decentralized Web Technology

By empowering people to take control of their own data, we create a sustainable ecosystem of unprecedented innovation. The future belongs not to data harvesters, but to smart reusers.

Ruben Verborgh

I’m a Professor of Decentralized Web Technology at IDLab of Ghent Universityimec and a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Martin School within the University of Oxford.
I’m the Head of Data Interoperability at Inrupt and an advisor to other companies. From this hybrid academic and industrial perspective, my professional mission is to support Solid in inspiring, transforming, and reshaping our data-driven society.

As a computer scientist, I investigate how decentralized knowledge graphs on the Web can lead us into the post-Big Data era, where companies realize that data harvesting as a business model is a dead end. The future consists of lots of small data that is linked. People will be in control of where they store their data and with whom they share it, independently of the services they use. I’m researching and implementing technologies that enable us to effect this socio-economic change on both a local and a global scale.


I’ve blogged about Linked Data, Web APIs, and JavaScript, but the bulk of my writings nowadays cover the present and future of the Solid ecosystem:


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