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Ruben Verborgh

Devising Affordable and Functional Linked Data Archives

by Ruben Verborgh, Miel Vander Sande, Harihar Shankar, Luda Balakireva, and Herbert Van de Sompel

Linked Data has become an integral part of the Web. Like any other web resource, Linked Data changes over time. Typically, only the most recent version of a Linked Data set can be accessed via Subject-URIs and queried by means of SPARQL. Sometimes, select archived versions are made available for bulk download. This archive access approach is cheap for the publisher but, unfortunately, very expensive for consumers. The entire data dump must be downloaded and ingested into infrastructure that supports subject-URI and/​or SPARQL access. Comparing data across different archived versions is even harder. To address this publisher/​consumer imbalance, we propose a solution for publication of archived Linked Data that is affordable for publishers and functional for consumers. It consists of two components: a static storage approach for archived Linked Data that exposes a lightweight RDF interface, and the subsequent extension of that interface to versioned data.

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Published in 2017 in Bulletin of IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries.

Keywords: Linked Data, SPARQL, Web

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