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Ruben Verborgh

Piecing the puzzle – Self-publishing queryable research data on the Web

by Ruben Verborgh

Publishing research on the Web accompanied by machine-readable data is one of the aims of Linked Research. Merely embedding metadata as RDFa in HTML research articles, however, does not solve the problems of accessing and querying that data. Hence, I created a simple ETL pipeline to extract and enrich Linked Data from my personal website, publishing the result in a queryable way through Triple Pattern Fragments. The pipeline is open source, uses existing ontologies, and can be adapted to other websites. In this article, I discuss this pipeline, the resulting data for my website, and its possibilities for query evaluation on the Web. More than 35,000 RDF triples of my data are queryable, even with federated SPARQL queries because of links to external datasets. This proves that researchers do not need to depend on centralized repositories for readily accessible (meta-)data, but instead can—and should—take matters into their own hands.

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Published in 2017 in Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web.

Keywords: Linked Data, scholarly data, open data, reasoning, Triple Pattern Fragments, SPARQL, Web, metadata, research

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