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Querying Datasets on the Web with High Availability

by Ruben Verborgh, Olaf Hartig, Ben De Meester, Gerald Haesendonck, Laurens De Vocht, Miel Vander Sande, Richard Cyganiak, Pieter Colpaert, Erik Mannens, and Rik Van de Walle

As the Web of Data is growing at an ever increasing speed, the lack of reliable query solutions for live public data becomes apparent. SPARQL implementations have matured and deliver impressive performance for public SPARQL endpoints, but poor availability—especially under high loads—prevents their use in real-world applications. We propose to tackle this availability problem with basic Linked Data Fragments, a concept and related techniques to publish and consume queryable data by moving intelligence from the server to the client. This paper formalizes the concept, introduces a client-side query processing algorithm using a dynamic iterator pipeline, and verifies its availability under load. The results indicate that, at the cost of lower performance, query techniques with basic Linked Data Fragments lead to high availability, thereby allowing for reliable applications on top of public, queryable Linked Data.

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Published in 2014 in Proceedings of the 13th International Semantic Web Conference.

Keywords: Semantic Web, Linked Data, SPARQL, Linked Data Fragments, Triple Pattern Fragments, query processing, Web

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