Ruben Verborgh

The devil is in the details,
but the demons are in the semantics.

I believe in a Web on which
clients possess more intelligence
than the servers they use.
Do you? Let's talk!

Ruben Verborgh semantic hypermedia researcher

People like you and me are no longer the only consumers of the World Wide Web. Automated clients are starting to browse the Web for us. They face many obstacles, including a giant semantic gap.

My belief is that if we want to see intelligent clients, we should stop trying to build intelligent servers. We should shift our focus towards new methods of building clients that emphasize serendipitous reuse of data and functionality.

This is why I'm a postdoctoral researcher in semantic hypermedia at Multimedia Lab, a research group of iMinds and Ghent University. I love to think and discuss about the Semantic Web, hypermedia clients and APIs, Linked Data, Web architecture, and much more. If you like these things too, then we should talk.


If you're into Linked Data, Web APIs, REST, JavaScript, communication, research, or if you're just curious, check out my latest blog posts:

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Thank you for your attention
An audience shouldn't do you a favor by listening—do them a favor by explaining.


Take a look at my projects to see what I'm working on at Multimedia Lab:

Linked Data Fragments
Query Linked Data on a Web scale by moving intelligence to the client.
Describe your hypermedia APIs so that automated agents can use them.
Distributed Affordance
Create personalized links through semantics and Web APIs.
Free Your Metadata
Open up your precious metadata to the Web.
Reasoning on the Web
Discover Semantic Web reasoning through open source projects.


Discover more about my research through my recent publications:

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