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Email: Re: Contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) #[case-number]

Ruben Verborgh <ruben@verborgh.org>
Facebook <case++[case-code]@support.facebook.com>
Stephen Deadman <stephendeadman@fb.com> and a couple of others
4 June 2019 at 22:02:04 GMT+2
Re: Contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) #[case-number]

…but Alex, you know what? Since you’ll be taking a 2-month holiday, I’ll give you a bit more work to take with you.

Here’s what you currently pretend to be working on:

all my Network and connections data points, which you define as information such as the name of my mobile operator or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices that are nearby or on my network, so you can do things like help me stream a video from my phone to my TV.

With this mail, I’m also making the following additional requests.

I am hereby requesting all Information and content I provided, which you define as the content, communications and other information I provide when I use your Products, including when I sign up for an account, create or share content, and message or communicate with others.

I am hereby requesting all Networks and connections data points, not the ISP ones which I already requested, but instead those you define as information about the people, Pages, accounts, hashtags and groups I am connected to and how I interact with them across your Products, such as people I communicate with the most or groups I am part of.

I am hereby requesting all usage data points, which you define as information about how I use your Products, such as the types of content I view or engage with; the features I use; the actions I take; the people or accounts I interact with; and the time, frequency and duration of my activities.

I am hereby requesting all information others provide about me, which you define as communications and information that other people provide when they use your Products.

I am hereby requesting all other Device Information data points, which according to you consist of Device attributes, Device operations, Identifiers, Device signals, Data from device settings, and Cookie data.

And last but not least, while you’re at it, gimme all Information from partners, which you define as Advertisers, app developers, and publishers and the things they produce.

Of course, treat all of the above as individual issues, so you won’t have to send me that thing again about raw data and the average person and so on. Been there, done that. These are all small data points, so just start from the ground up.

Hoping to hear from you soon (which is probably exactly one month after this mail, as seems to be a curious pattern at Facebook).