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Email: Re: Contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) #[case-number]

Ruben Verborgh <ruben@verborgh.org>
Facebook <case++[case-code]@support.facebook.com>
Stephen Deadman <stephendeadman@fb.com> and a couple of others
4 June 2019 at 21:14:08 GMT+2
Re: Contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) #[case-number]

Dear Alex,

Thanks for contacting us again.

You’re most welcome.

And please rest assured that I will never, ever stop contacting you until I get what I’m legally entitled to.

We have received and reviewed your follow-up request, which has presented some issues that we’re carefully considering.

OMG, so you’re going to like, really, actually consider my request?

My wild imagination is already thinking about all the issues that you might be facing.

Like, running out of excuses. I’d be surprised though. You’ve had a GDPR department for years, there must be a whole list of excuses.

Are they personal issues, Alex? Don’t worry, you can tell me, this will definitely stay between the two of us! Privacy, you know. It’s the future.

If the issue is that you’re unsure about whether you can satisfy me, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. But please try harder, Alex. You owe it to me after all these months.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the investigation, this process may take up to another two months, as permitted under the GDPR.

Oooooh… you’re just buying time. Now I get it. I thought you actually had issues.

So let me get this straight: it’s been 141 days already. I asked you a very simple question; it’s literally one query to your data center.

How is this complex?
Are we in a complicated relationship now?

Please note however that we are actively working on your query and endeavor to revert to you earlier, if possible.

I’m sure you’re thinking about my query every day, Alex. Can’t say I feel the same way about you, but that’s probably why things are complicated between us.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

But you still hope I’m gonna give up and let you get away with it, right?

You wish.

I’ll hear from you no later (and probably no sooner) than 4 August then. Enjoy Summer, and my data, for as long as I still let you have it.